Everything You Need To Know About Freestyle Skating

Everything You Need To Know About Freestyle Skating

Inline skates are four-wheeled skates arranged in a single axle, regardless of skate type. The type of skate you choose depends on your skills and skating goals. One of the most common types of skates is freestyle skates. These skates are typically used for freestyle skating. There are various types of inline skates, such as beginner, recreational, aggressive, speed and freestyle. If you are new to the world of inline skating, here is everything you need to know about freestyle skating.


What is freestyle skating?


Freestyle skating, also known as freestyle slalom skating, is a field of skating that involves performing tricks, stunts and manoeuvres, which can be done alone or as a team. This type of skating occurs around cones arranged in straight lines; these cones can be 50cm, 80cm or 120cm apart, depending on the event.


Freestyle skating categories


In this freestyle skating discipline, there are four main categories, namely: classic slalom, freestyle slide, speed slalom and battle slalom.


Classic slalom: In this category, skaters must develop a skating routine combining technical and artistic skills. The skaters will perform the routine within the equally spaced cones. The judging criteria are based on the difficulty of the tricks as well as the flair of the routine. If you love to dance on wheels and perform tricks, classic slalom is the perfect combination for you.


Speed slalom: As its name implies, speed slalom is about speed. The aim of this event is for skaters to skate through a lane of 20 cones in the shortest possible time. Skaters have to avoid missing or hitting the cones while trying to be the fastest. Speed slalom skaters train to be in full control of their bodies, and it is all about precision and speed.


Battle slalom: Battle slalom skaters are given 30 seconds to wow the judges– in this time, they will get to showcase their strength and abilities. The ultimate freedom of expression, the skaters, perform their best tricks, which will be judged on the difficulty and repetitions of the tricks.


Freestyle slide: This category was born in Singapore and created by our own local freestyle skaters. Freestyle slide is defined as drifting on skates. These skaters will be judged based on the distance travelled difficulty and how the skater has executed the slide overall. This skating style is truly a test of your courage– suitable for the adrenaline junkies out there.


Inline Skates: Freestyle


The freestyle inline skates typically refer to skates with a short wheelbase designed for manoeuvrability. They also come with hard boots that provide more ankle support. Hard boots are also more responsive, allowing freestyle skaters to control their movements better.




Freestyle skating is one of the many types of skating. If you love performing tricks or have a competitive edge, freestyle skating may be the perfect type of skating for you. Find out what kind of inline skates suit you as we explain the different parts of inline skates to help you make an informed decision before you buy skates online.


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