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Hvper Sport offers a wide range of roller skate and inline skating accessories in Singapore. The great thing about skates is that you are able to show your flair through your choice of roller skate and inline skate accessories. Shop online and find all your skating needs, from apparel to spare parts to charms that add flair to your skates!

Bags and Apparel

From guard sets to protect the skater to premium speed skate backpacks that safeguard the skates, we have skating accessories for all your skating needs.


Skate bearings are ring-shaped metal or ceramic pieces that fit inside the skate, allowing the wheels to spin. Quality bearings help wheels roll faster and smoother by reducing friction. Ensure you regularly clean and lubricate your bearings so that they last longer! If your bearings are squeaky or rusty, it might be time for a replacement.


Like any other pair of shoes, you can use inline and roller skates to express your personality. From lace loops to charms to clips, we have a variety of charms that can help you decorate your skates.


Learning how to manoeuvre or intending to pick up new tricks? We have cones that can help you practise and build your skills. The SEBA Dual Density cones are designed to reduce harshness when you fall. The cones are weighted and firm at the base but have a soft rubber top in case you fall. The cones come with a netted bag for easy storage.

Inline skate parts

We offer inline skate accessories for when they get damaged or are due for a replacement. These parts include buckle straps, axles and accessories. Our store also has a universal brake set complete with axles and screws to be attached to your skates.

Inline skate wheels

With various hardness and sizes, we have wheels for all kinds of skaters. We have inline skate wheels in a wide array of colours so that you can customise your pair of skates in terms of both functionality and style!


Change up your laces to add pops of colour to your skate! Skate laces are typically between 2 to 2.2 metres and are suitable for most laces. We are sure there’s one just for you with many colours to choose from.

Roller skate accessories

Personalise your roller skates with these roller skate accessories. From stoppers and toe caps, we have fun, vibrant accessories to protect your roller skates and beautify them.

Roller skate wheels

Have your wheels worn out? Or are you just looking for something to spruce up your roller skates? Not to worry, we have high-quality, durable roller skate wheels for you– they come in exciting colours to make your skates stand out.


In addition to the accessories, we have tools to help maintain your inline and roller skates. Shop for Allen key or other skate tools to aid in the simple maintenance of your skates. Get your skating accessories online today at Hvper Sport– your one-stop skating goods store in Singapore!