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At Hvper Sport, we offer a wide range of inline skates for all skill levels. As one of the leading skate stores in Singapore, the skates you find on our online shop are of premium quality, and we aim to be your go-to shop for all your skating needs.

Inline skates are commonly known as “rollerblades” in Singapore. Inline skates have 4 wheels on a single axle attached to the boot. We offer different types of inline skates in our online store.

Inline skates come in wide varieties and it is crucial to know what skates to choose. Here is more information on inline skates and how to choose the inline skate most suitable for you.

Choose a right-fitting liner
Liners inside the boot provide padding for your ankles and feet, providing comfort and protection. Ensure that your liner is comfortable, as ill-fitting liners can cause the feet to hurt and even result in blisters due to the friction between the skin and the boot. Refer to the respective size guides before buying your skates so you can skate comfortably.

Selecting your boots
Inline skates can have a hard or soft boot– both of which have advantages!
Hard boots provide better support on the ankles and higher stability and balance. Hard boots are also more responsive, allowing beginners to have increased control over their movement. The liner cushions can also be more comfortable as they are thicker.

Soft boots are lighter and allow you to skate faster and for longer. Recommended for more advanced skates who want speed, these boots have lesser ankle support making them less suitable for beginners.

What kind of skater are you?
Different inline skates– beginner, aggressive, speed or urban– have different kinds of wheels. The size of the wheels affects the speed, stability and mobility of the wheels. Larger wheels are less stable but let you move faster.

Skates come in all shapes and sizes. At Hvper Sport, we believe there is a skate for everyone, regardless of skill level. Still unsure of what kind of skates are for you? Contact us here for more information. Alternatively, if you prefer to shop in-store, head to one of our outlets in Singapore today!


Our online store offers Freestyle inline skates in various styles targeted at competitive skaters. The YJS range– inspired by Korean skater Yu Jin Seong– are high-end skates that cater to skaters with a mid to high level experience.


We offer a wide range of SEBA inline skates for all kinds of skaters. SEBA skates are high-quality crafted by skaters consisting of several models, from hard boot skates for beginners to skates for advanced skates who want higher mobility and manoeuvrability.


We have Takino inline speed skates (boots only)– for both adults and children– which are high-quality full carbon racing skates and semi-carbon racing skates, respectively.