My Free 5 in 1 Blue


Globber have been at the forefront of Children’s scooters, over the years they have help kids of all ages in developing skills and balance that will help them grow. The brand new Globber 5 in 1 three wheels scooter evolves as your child gets bigger. The first stage is the ride on bike, foot rests of each side so your child can ride and have fun but still be under your control. The next development is the foot rests are removed so your child can push themselves forward on their own.

Because all Globbers have a steering lock, as your child progresses with push themselves forward, you can start to disconnect the sterling lock so they can turn on their own as well, creating a balance bike. Now you can adjust the handle bars as well to change the height as your wee one gets bigger, final stage is a three wheeled scooter that can be use with our without the steering lock.

Ride On – With footrests so your child can enjoy the ride under your power. (12-36mth or 20Kg / 44lbs max)

  • Starting to Cruise – With footrests removed for when your child wants to start to propel themselves.
  • Balance Bike – With or without the steering lock.
  • Locked Scooter – Our scooter with locked steering to aid balance and grow confidence.
  • Scooter – With height adjustable bars to grow with your child.


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