Seba CJ 10 Anniversary


SEBA made their introduction into the aggressive skating world with the highly anticipated CJ Wellsmore Pro complete skate. CJ Wellsmore, hailing from the land down under has made quite a splash throughout the skating community winning numerous competitions and placing in even more. Beside providing his prowess in events around the world, CJ has also filmed multipe impressive street section, most notably in Dom West's Vine Street. Known for his amplitude and intensity on skates, The SEBA CJ is made of a carbon fibre body shell to ensure the stability and durability that is needed to perform at the highest level.

  • Frames : Seba Street UFS
  • Wheels : 60mm CJ Wellsmore wheel
  • Bearing : Seba Twincam MW 9
  • Skate Body : Carbon fibre ankle mont / Integrated Liners / Toe Power Strap, Safety Buckles/Heel Shock Assorber/Removable Abrasive Pad Slide/HDS/ Premium Insole
  • Color Available : Grey and Green


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