Seba FR1 80mm


This version of the Seba FR1 80 Urban Inline Skates has been changed slightly to produce an all black colorway of Seba’s most popular skate model. The FR series is the main stay of the Seba’s lineup and a popular choice for freestyle, dance or slalom skaters with it’s improved shell design that has a wider opening to allow a large range of motion without sacrificing support. The FR1 is highly responsive and works well with skating cones, through traffic or maneuvering the streets.

  • Frame:    243mm black
  • Wheels : 80mm street invaders
  • Bearing : SebaTitalium MW9 Freeride
  • Skate body : Colored abrasive pad / FK buckles/ 7 holes mounting blocks / aluminium spacers/ HDS / Premium Insoles / Colored buckle strap
  • Color available : Black, Blue, Orange, White, Yellow, Grey


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