SEBA FR1 Orange




World’s favorite Freeride skate perfected. Best choice for city skating and freeriding. Good start for basic and middle freestyle slalom. The shell is 310 & 325 frame-compatible, and available in yellow. Feel the remarkable difference in fit and action. The New FR Liner, Premium Insole, and New 4D frame make this skate a game changer! Seba Twincam TITALIUM – good for any load and jumps in the city with good speed as well. Any city cross champion would love those. Customizable ankle support for COMFORT SKATING or hard tricks that need MAXIMUM BOOT CONTROL. Laces go from toes to the top, heel and top metal buckles, screw-axle on the cuff to choose any from 4 cuff positions(up, down, forw, backw). Liner is formable to your foot after a few hours of skating. Below the liner, there are HEEL ANTISHOCKS that will save your back and head from any jumps, bad surfaces, etc. that other fitness skates will not. COOL SKATES CONTROL by short 243mm frame and 80mm wheels. Wheels are long-life use SEBA Street Invaders 80MM/84A.


SEBA R1 Frame 243mm


SEBA SI Wheels 80mm(Orange)