Seba High Light Carbon


Seba take the High light series of skates to whole new level with the introduction of carbon fibre making them lighter and more precise then ever before. Seba have taken their successful slalom skate and optimized it for the ultimate performance. The triple strap support might take a bit longer to get into but once you are inside, your foot is locked away and the skate becomes highly responsive. The skate has been shaved of all excess materials to save every gram possible on the overall weight and then they added the best components they could including Seba’s top of the range “Deluxe” frames as found on the likes of the Igor Skates.

  • Frames : Deluxe V2 Black
  • Wheels : Street Invader
  • Bearings : Seba ILQ9 Slalom Pro
  • Skate Body : Carbon fibre heel support / Colored abrasive pad / Deluxe strap buckle / 7 holes mounting / aluminium spacer / HDS / Premium Insole
  • Color available : Black


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