Seba Trix 2


The SEBA TRIX 2 designed for Freestyle Slalom and urban skating, it now offers a fantastic performance at a better price. What makes the TRIX 2 unique is that similarly to the TRIX series and the SEBA KSJ, they are all equipped with the triangle cuff system that provides an amazing level of lateral support but will allowing plenty front and back motion flex. The fully integrated liner within the skate gets rid of any big and bulky shell, making the skating experience light and responsive.

  • Frames : Seba Deluxe 231mm/243mm
  • Wheels : 80mm Street Invader wheel
  • Bearings : Seba Twincam ILQ7
  • Skate Body : Triangle cuff / Integrated Liners/Upper velcro strap and spider micrometric buckles and top strap / 7 holes mounting block / aluminium mounting plate / HDS / Premium insoles.
  • Color available : Full black


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