Takino 608RS Ultralight Titanium Bearings


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This is our company’s latest products, reducing the original bearing volume, and using high toughness steel composite steel-plastic material,let the diameter can reach the original size(22mm) that in line with existing international standards. By coating the steel-plastic material can make one set of bearings reducing about 60 grams of weight, it can effectively improve explosive force and endurance. Bearing’s inner and outer rings are using nanoscale titanium processing technology to increase the hardness of product surface, so that the bearing more wear under the high-speed rotation and longer life. By nanoscale titanium processing technology can let bearing’s inner and outer rings surface pores be filled, in order to make the channel surface smoother. With G5 level zirconia ceramic ball and our company assembling sophisticated technology to make the bearings do not shake under the high-speed rotation and brisker.