Step-by-step Guide On How To Start Roller Skating Safely

Step-by-step Guide On How To Start Roller Skating Safely

Roller skating can be scary for beginners, but anybody can learn how to pick up this sport. Some people prefer to learn hands-on, while others are visual learners who learn by watching others skate. If you are afraid to get started or learn better by reading, here is a step-by-step guide to help you start roller skating safely.


Putting on the skates


Once you have gotten the right roller skate for you, the first step is to put it on. We recommend sitting on the floor to put the skates on. Next, tie the laces tight enough to secure the roller skates. If you are using high-top skates, ensure that the lace to the top of the skate is tight as well. You can double-knot the laces to prevent them from coming undone.


Tip: Find an area where the space is flat, and the surface is relatively smooth. This will make it easier and safer to skate on.


Practice getting up on your skates


1. Kneel on both knees. Lift one knee while the other knee is on the ground– as though you are proposing.


2. Place your hands on the lifted leg. Push down on your leg and use that motion to stand on both skates.


3. Keep your knees slightly bent and lean forward.


4. If you start rolling when you stand, turn one leg 90 degrees and place them behind your front foot. Position them to form a T-shape, preventing you from rolling unexpectedly.


5. Stand straight and keep your upper body in the centre over your skates with a slight forward lean.


Tip: Practice going back into a kneeling position by slowly bending one leg and going down to one knee. Practising this will help you get used to maintaining your balance.


Practice falling: Falling forward

While it sounds counterintuitive, you have to learn to fall. When you are learning to roller skate, falling is inevitable. As such, practising how to fall can prevent serious injuries.


1. Get up on your skates.


2. Stand with your knees in the skating posture, leaning your body forward slightly.


3. Next, fall onto both knees and lean forward as you take the fall.


4. Your wrist guard, elbow pads and knee pads will take most of the force.


Tip: When first learning, protective equipment is recommended to prevent skin scrapes. Ensure wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads are included in your list when you shop for roller skates and accessories.


Using the toe stops


1. Stand in the T position to stop rolling.


2. Using your back leg, lift the heel and point the foot down until the toe stop touches the ground


3. Return to your original T position.


4. Practise this again to get used to this feeling.


Tip: When rolling on your skates, practise dragging the toe stop as you roll. The movement is the same as before but with rolling. Drag the stopper in that same pose until you have stopped completely.


Taking your first steps


1. Bend your knees and put your skates side by side, just closer than shoulder-width apart.


2. Lean forward slightly and move your body weight forward slightly. Tighten your core muscles, and you should engage your thigh muscles.


3. Turn your toes inward once you begin rolling, so you do not roll backwards.


Gliding forward


Once you have taken your first steps, it is time to start gliding.


1. Get in the skating posture with your knees bent, and forward lean.


2. Stand on your dominant leg and push forward with the other leg.


3. Turn your leg at a 45-degree angle. Ensure all four wheels are on the ground before you push.


4. Place the pushing leg back on the ground, and you should slowly glide forward.


5. As you start losing momentum, repeat the steps and push again.


6. Practise pushing side to side and gliding forward.


Tip: If you start to wobble, use your toe stop to slow yourself down.




With this step-by-step guide and tips, we hope you feel more assured in roller skating. You must keep practising to get the hang of the movements. With consistent practice, you, too, will be skating in no time. Here at Hvper Sport, we believe that there is a pair of skates for everyone. Visit our online skate shop today to buy roller skates online!