What are roller skates? Find out if they’re right for you!

What are roller skates? Find out if they’re right for you!

You may have already noticed roller skates are making a comeback. Roller skates or quad skates have existed for a long time and they are making a revival. Occasionally referred to as “retro” roller skates, roller skating is a fun activity suitable for all ages. Learn more about these skates and find out if they are right for you.


What are roller skates?


Roller skates are also known as quad skates as they have four wheels. The wheels are arranged in a two-by-two configuration. These roller skates are excellent for beginners as their arrangement allows for more stability than their inline skate counterparts which tends to wobble due to the wheels being in a straight line.


What are roller skates good for?


Roller skates are great for skating outdoors on smooth surfaces or indoor skating such as in roller derby or roller rinks. They are also used for artistic roller skating which is similar to figure skating but with roller skates instead of ice skates. If you are interested in performing artistic tricks or “dancing” in your skates, roller skates are the skates for you.


What shouldn’t you use roller skates for?


Roller skates are not as suitable for reaching high speeds as compared to a roller skate or speed skates. Roller skates do not provide as much support on the ankles such as inline skates which tend to have cuffs and stronger support. Roller skates are also not recommended for skating on uneven or rough surfaces as the wheels make it harder to avoid obstacles.


Choosing the right wheels


Wheels come in different sizes and hardness. Wheel sizes can affect the speed at which you skate. Wider, large wheels are excellent for outdoor use due to the traction and speed indoors. Smaller wheels are slower but are great for tricks and artistic skating as they have higher maneuverability. Softer wheels have more grip, making them the better choice for outdoors and it absorbs the shock of uneven surfaces. Harder wheels have lesser grip and allow you to glide smoothly across smooth surfaces such as indoors and smooth surfaces of a skatepark.


Choosing your boot


Roller skates come in a variety of boots which can be high-top or low-top. High-tops are better for artistic skating as they provide more support while low-tops allow for greater speed. Boots for roller skates are incredibly versatile and customisable. While boots come in all designs and colours, you can also build your own roller skates with your favourite pair of shoes! Roller skate trucks can be mounted on shoes with rubber soles to be turned into a stylish pair of skates.




Roller skates are stylish and versatile skates suitable for children and adults. If you are interested in artistic skating and indoor skating, consider getting a pair of roller skates today. At Hvper Sport, we offer a wide range of roller and inline skates, including customisation services and roller skating accessories in Singapore. We are passionate about all-things skating and believe that there is a skate for everyone. Join the skating community today and visit our website for more information.