What Is A Good Age To Start Teaching Kids Inline Skating?

What Is A Good Age To Start Teaching Kids Inline Skating?

Inline skating can look dangerous and scary to those new to the sport. Many parents may even be wary of letting their children learn inline skating and reserve inline skating for when the kids are older. However, skating is a great activity that allows kids to have fun while staying active. Kids can learn to inline skate from as young as ages three to six. Before letting your child pick up inline skating, here are some considerations to note.


When is a child ready to skate?


Inline skating requires great balance and a certain level of strength. Skaters are also expected to have a sense of judgement and the ability to avoid obstacles. Some children pick up these skills faster than others, and there are some things you can assess to determine if your child is ready to learn.


Strength & stamina


Firstly, assess if your child has decent physical strength and stamina. Inline skating is a sport, and it is good to have some strength and stamina so that the child has enough strength and energy to continue learning and practising. If your child is less active, they may have lower stamina and be unable to withstand practice, making learning more challenging.


Balance & coordination


A child’s ability to balance and coordinate in other activities indicates whether they are ready to get on wheels. Observe their motor skills and coordination when they run and make turns. Once they start walking and running confidently, they may just be ready for skates! Inline skates use one’s body weight to manoeuvre and balance; hence, a good sense of balance and coordination is needed off the skates before one can start learning with ease.


Attention span & determination


Apart from physical abilities and readiness, your child should have a level of maturity and focus. Moving on wheels requires focus, and if a child has yet to grasp the concept of safety fully, it might be riskier to get them started. Your child should also be determined and interested to learn skating. Falling when you are getting started is normal, but young children may feel disheartened when they fail. As such, your child must want to learn so they will be willing to pick themselves up when they fall.


Skating lessons


Children aged three to four may already be ready to learn skating, but their attention spans are generally too short to go through longer lessons. If you are teaching them at home, it is recommended that you teach them in shorter practice sessions with breaks in between. Incorporating games in between mini-lessons is also a great way to bond as a family.


You can also sign your child up for skating lessons depending on their level of readiness. Hi Roller is Singapore’s indoor skating rink, offering lessons for beginner skaters all the way to advanced skaters under Hi Roller Academy. Introductory lessons are recommended for beginner skaters and it will be a one-to-one guided lesson for your child to ensure their safety.


Finding the right inline skates


If you intend to make inline skating a regular part of your family routine, you should find the right kind of skates and invest in quality ones. When you buy inline skates for children, it is recommended to find adjustable ones– this way, they can grow a few sizes as your child grows. You can also look for junior inline skates with a heel brake system so they can learn to stop with the brakes.




There is no right or wrong age to start inline skating if you keep these pointers in mind. If you want to get your child started on inline skates, Hvper Sport is here. We bring high-quality inline skates and inline skate accessories to Singapore so that you and your child can skate around safely.