Hvper Sport unites all those passionate and devoted to skating, soon becoming a hangout spot for the skating community. Originally a small skate shop at East Coast Park established in 1999, Hvper Sport has since opened a bigger retail store in Downtown East, Pasir Ris. The flagship store in Singapore and has achieved success over the years for providing quality skate products. With an increase in online shopping, Hvper Sport online roller skate store is the go-to shop that offers all the equipment for your skating needs.


Hvper Sport brings to you one of the largest selections of inline skates and roller skates in Singapore. Over the years, we have been retailing and supplying skating goods locally and internationally. Hvper Sport is the only store providing renowned skate brands such as Seba, Freestyle and Takino. In addition, we offer customisation services that help you build your own skates. Shopping for skates has never been easier as Hvper Sport is now online, bringing you quality skates at the click of a button.

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Buy quality roller skates and inline skates online today. Here are some of our best-selling pairs.

SEBA Highlight 80


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NEXUS Phantom White


Hi Candy Marshmallow Skates


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Freestyle YJS-X5 JR Pink



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How to choose between roller skates and inline skates

New to skating? There are some things you should know before deciding what kind of skates to buy. There are two categories of skates: roller skates and inline skates.

Roller Skates

Roller skates or quad skates are skates that have four wheels. These skates have two pairs of wheels, one in the front and one in the back of each skate. They typically have stoppers or a toe brake at the front. These skates’ broad base makes them easy for beginners to pick up as they offer more stability. The skates will not wobble, making it easier for beginners to balance.

Inline Skates

Inline skates have three to four wheels in a single line. The wheels are attached to a single axle at the base of the boots. These skates are designed differently depending on your skill levels. Inline skates may have brakes attached to the back of the skates for beginners. However, these skates tend to wobble due to wheel formation, and greater balance and control are needed.

Which skates shoud I choose – roller or inline

There is no right and wrong in choosing which skate, to begin with. Some prefer to start with roller skates due to their stability, but many skaters also start with inline skates.

Outdoor or indoor

Roller skates are primarily used indoors or on rinks. Meanwhile, the wheel configuration of inline skates makes them more suitable outdoors as they allow you to avoid outdoor obstacles easily.

Skating type

Interested in roller derby or artistic roller skating? Then roller skates are for you! Do you prefer speed when you skate? Choose inline skates! As you increase your skill level, you can always change the type of inline skates to make you go faster or help you practise new tricks.

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