Hvper Sport is Southeast Asia’s first skate shop in Singapore that provides four distinct sorts of customisation. Customisation includes alterations to the design, material choices, and the addition of personal touches to make it really one-of-a-kind. Each sort of customisation is unique to the skate you want to own!

From converting your favourite shoes into roller skates to customising the aesthetics of inline skates to customising the fit of your inline speed skates using foot moulds to get the ideal specifications for your feet shape, we’ve got you covered.

Build Your Own Roller Skates
Custom Roller Skates Singapore
Custom Seba Skates
Custom Speed Skates





Build Your Own Roller Skates

Can’t find a rollerskate that matches your style? Fret not, as you can turn your favourite pair of shoes into roller skates with our “Build Your Own” roller skate customisation service. 

Building your own custom roller skates has never been easier! Just bring your own shoes, and we will mount the roller skates trucks onto the shoes for you. This will take between 3-5 days.

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Choose from a select choice of models from the list to create your very own skates. Our inline freestyle skates are made-to-order skates, and you will work with the designer in the shop to create skates that fit to your aesthetic. For these skates, you can choose the material and colour of the skate and add stitching of logos and names. 

You can have a choice of your very own customed SEBA skate or Freestyle skate! Customisation of the inline freestyle skates is mainly for aesthetic purposes, as none of the other parts can be customised.

Choice of models:




Custom Seba Skates
Custom Roller Skates Singapore



Custom Speed Skates

Inline speed skates are used by experienced skaters and are an excellent choice for skating long distances and competitions. Inline speed skates have low-cut boot that is much lower than other skates. 

As inline speed skates are high-performance skates, having an exact fit is preferred to ensure optimal comfort and performance. 

At Hvper Sport, we offer customisation services of inline speed skates, starting with custom speed boots. Your feet will be moulded to get the exact shape and size, whereby the cast will be sent to the factory to make your one-of-a-kind skate boot. 

You can further customise the Takino Full Custom Speed Boot as you can choose the material of the skate. 

Aesthetic customisation such as stitching of logos and names can also be added.

Create Your Own Roller Skates


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