Takino 608Z Ceramic Ball Bearings


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This racing skate player dedicated ceramic bearing utilizes nano-scale titanium treatment technique for inner and outer ring to enhance hardness of product surface. In conjunction with silicon nitride (Si3N4), the bearing is more wear resistant under high speed rotation and thus achieves longer service life. The pores on the surfaces of inner and outer rings of the bearing can be filled up through nano-scale titanium treatment technique, such that the grooves of inner and outer rings are smoother. In conjunction with non-rusted ceramic ball and light weight properties, together with the precision assembly technique of the company, the bearing would not generate deflection and shake in high speed rotation, such that the rotation is smoother and easier. This product is researched and developed by the company dedicated to skate race. It shows surprising effect in its global debut, and has aids players in winning good performances in several international races. Because of outstanding performance, this product is now emulated by related companies in this industry. However, the imitations cannot achieve desired effects because of immature manufacturing techniques.